List of Mobile App Markets – Grow Your Game!

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List of Mobile App Markets – Grow Your Game!

In this short article we are going to go over all the various mobile markets you can put your game or app into. There are many and most of them are Android based. Each market has a different strategy which we will go over in this article.

Okay so lets start off by first realizing that the world is NOT just North America. There are many other markets out there and that too many other platforms where we can sell our games and apps. Monetization strategies vary based on the markets you are entering and for the most part you need to understand those markets to really know if it’s worth putting your game into it. So here is the list:


LEGEND – Total $ is how profitable a marketplace is in general with 5 ($$$$$) being the most profitable and 1 ($) being the least. Use it more of a yard stick as other markets may actually make you money, but this is just based on my years of experience in the various app and game markets 🙂

Tips and Advice

I would recommend to keep in mind that the further EAST you go, chances are that your app or game will most likely have its apk file copied off of devices and shared easily. In that case an ad based strategy would be the best bet. Keep in mind that many times people don’t have internet connections all the time and so ads may not always work. In that case I recommend having internet detection code to check if there is internet and just switch off your game if there is none. I personally use this asset from the asset store to do just that =>!/content/19009.

The other issue I would encounter is people hacking/cracking the game and literally GAMING the scores and stuff. To protect against things like that (And the most crazy one I’ve ever faced was one dev house was grabbing all the ad calls, rerouting them to their own publisher id’s and repackaging games and throwing them back on the app store as their own!!) I use another asset called the Anti-Cheat Toolkit =>!/content/10395.

There are other issues as well which you will face, specifically those who can’t use credit cards as they use their Cellular provider and pre-paid cards to pay for their phone. In those cases they put more money into their phones and then they get CARRIER billing charges instead. The challenge is that those charges can be astronomical!


Well there you have it, there is a fun little list of markets you can get your games onto. Keep in mind, not all markets make a massive amount of money, but definitely you will see a growth uptick in your games by using these other markets. For example I had some of my games in all of the alternate markets, and my GOOGLE PLAY downloads increased even more because of all the other Android markets having the game (I even ended up getting over 100k+ views on my YouTube promo videos from it generating me some additional side revenue from YouTube ads!).

Hope this gives your game a boost in the long run, and in any case at least now you know of other markets you can potentially gain more users from and possibly even more revenues!

Now go make some awesome games! You are a super star! Keep up the great work and NEVER GIVE UP! You Got This!! BE A CHAMPION!

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