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6 Ways to Find and Interact and Collaborate with other people in the game industry

From making connections, getting jobs, learning new things, making friends in the industry, getting help and more! In this article we will look at how we can interact and connect with other game developers! Many of us start our game development journey alone and it can be a challenge because we are so busy trying to make a game that when we do need help or advice or tips we rarely know where to turn. In this article I am going...

Player and Targeting – Understanding Your Market and 6 Tips to Help You!

If you believe your game is for "EVERYONE" then you have already made your first major mistake and are headed for doom! Learn these tips in order to solidify a real market and increase your chance at success for your game! Over the years creating so many games has taught me a lot of things. I didn't come into the video game business to be a marketing guru, yet in order to sell games you need to understand marketing. (more…)

Game Flow – How To Guide A User Through Your Game

Game flow has several forms, but in this article we will be going over two of the most obvious ones, namely Game User Flow and Game Play Flow Game Flow, it's a fancy statement but basically it is ultimately how our users experience our games. Now game flow can be broken down into several types of flows, the two most common ones being User Flow and Play Flow. (more…)

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