Why are your prices different on different markets and app stores?

There are definitely times you may see this happen. Here are the main reasons this occurs:

(a) PROMOTIONS AND EVENTS: Sometimes there could be a special promotion or event that is going on in a certain market. For example when a company launches a new tablet or phone or is deciding to launch a new device, we may change our prices during that time on that specific marketplace.

(b) QUALITY EXPERIENCE: In some cases you may notice that the price may be higher and this could be due to a quality experience. For example on the Barnes and Noble Nook market, we have taken additional time to adapt our apps and games to make sure that they run on Nook devices which other developers in general are not doing and hence we are able to service a marketplace that other developers are not a part of. Other times you may see our prices for the top tier marketplaces having higher premium prices because you’ll get a higher quality experience on those devices. For example our Major Title, Slot Bop HD, looks incredibly beautiful on an iPad that the experience is an absolute joy. On a tiny Android device with a small 3 inch screen however, the experience may not be anywhere near the same, and so the prices reflect that.

(c) NO LONGER SUPPORTED OR HARDER TO SUPPORT OPTIONS: If a marketplace is older or harder for us and many other developers to service and we have taken our time to enter those markets and support them, our prices could reflect that. Not many app and game companies go outside of the major marketplaces in general and so we may have different prices that could reflect these situations.

(d) Still not satisfied? Let us know your concern and we will do our best to address it and make sure you are fully satisfied! Please send us a message via the form below or write to us directly at [email protected] and let us know the situation and we will be more than happy to assist you fully.