What are the differences between your games and apps (Classic, Minor and Major Titles)?

We currently have three (3) distinct app types which are outlined as follows:

(a) MAJOR TITLES: These are our most prominent games and titles at the moment. These games will generally be priced either at $4.99-$6.99 or may be freemium titles with virtual currency. They tend to have a lot more support and a lot more marketing is done on them. These games are our pride and joy and have been heavily invested into by us, both with time and money. They will also tend to have a higher quality level overall when compared to our other apps and games and thats just due to the major resources we’ve been able to put behind these games on the whole.

(b) MINOR TITLES AND REMAKES: Our minor titles are smaller games and apps and have been given less resources in general when compared to our major titles. They will usually range in price between $2.99-$4.99 and are of high quality but not as extensive as our major titles (Ex. A major title may have many levels or more advanced gameplay whereas minor titles may have a single level or less involved gameplay).

(c) NO LONGER UPDATED CLASSIC TITLES: These games and apps are ones we no longer update, however we still fully support all the users of our games and apps we have ever made. We support them with our ongoing commitment to service and making sure we help you out with your purchase. Many of these games may have not been as popular as our other titles or may have reached their end of life. For those reasons (or other reasons we may have decided to no longer update a game or app) we have stopped developing them and gone onto new projects, however we have not abandoned the users of these apps. We still value your business and will do our very best to make sure you are fully satisfied with your purchase. Some of our classic apps and games to this day are so very unique that they are literally one of a kind and for this reason alone are still very popular.