We have an sdk we would love for you guys to integrate or try out…it can make you guys a lot more money or get you more users, etc. etc. ARE YOU INTERESTED?

Thank you for contacting us! We get these requests daily from various sdk companies and startups all trying to get us to install the next latest and greatest sdk that will solve all our problems overnight supposedly or are so unique that we’re crazy not to have them, and that every one of them will take five minutes to integrate. We appreciate the awesome sdk you have as some of these have been very helpful for us, however most of the time we get a fancy marketing pitch. We urge you to send us your written request and details via email for consideration and if it matches our needs or we see a value in adding it, we will get back to you. For MARKETING REPS from these various sdk companies who have no idea about coding or integration and simply have been hired to pitch your new sdk to us, please consider the following:

(a) INTEGRATION TAKES TIME! Just because you’ve seen one of your in-house developers integrate your sdk in literally 5 minutes, does not mean it will take developers in general that amount of time. We have MANY sdk’s integrated in our games and apps and on various platforms. Please dont tell us that it takes 5 minutes to integrate unless you’ve seen many REAL WORLD developers do it and not just your in-house developers. SDK’s must play nice with our other sdk’s which we have integrated and must be cross platform and UNITY 3D ready. If you cannot have a DEDICATED rep for us who will help us in the integration, DON’T BOTHER SUBMITTING ANY REQUESTS, they will be ignored. We need a rep who can help us with the coding integration (Via Skype or Live, don’t simply give us their email) to answer our questions as we integrate any new sdk’s.

(b) GUARANTEED BASE AMOUNT FOR INTEGRATION: Integration costs time and money. Be prepared to provide a fee for the integration aside from the promises of what the sdk will do for us when we integrate it. We have our costs involved so don’t expect us to do this for the “Possibility” of success with your sdk. If you do not have a budget for us integrating your sdk aside from what your sdk will do “When we integrate it” then it is highly unlikly we would consider it.

(c) GUARANTEED NOT SELLING OFF OR GOING OUT OF BUSINESS AND CONSISTENT UPDATES: It is very frustarting to have integrated an sdk only to have the sdk company go out of business or be sold off to the highest bidder who no longer maintains things or to have the sdk not being updated to match the changes in the market fast enough. If you cannot guarantee that you’re not going to just close up shop within a year then we may consider your sdk. Literally we’ve had this happen to us too many times and no longer take sdk requests blindly. Plain and simple, if you’re going to pitch us about an sdk and the company just opened up yesterday, your sdk better really wow us or else we won’t be integrating it.

(d) Are you ready to pitch us your sdk for integration? Please send us a message via the form below or write to us directly at [email protected] and let us know more about your awesome sdk.