I want a refund, I did not like the game or app.

Awww, we really try our best to make fun and entertaining games and apps and understand that not everyone is going to like our games. We are sad to see you go, but we are here to help you fully with the refund process. You may also consider one of our other games or apps which may be better suited to your liking (You may check out our games page above). Here are the steps you can take to get a full refund:

(a) First try and email out the market you made the original purchase from. This is the best way to get a full refund correctly. WHY? The reason for this is two fold, firstly they can most likely refund you the exact way you paid and that too correctly in the original currency you used. Secondly you can think of our games and apps like an end product and the various app stores like physical shops. If you purchased your favorite Gucci shirt from an upscale store, but then were not satisfied with your purchase, you’d go back to that store and not directly to Gucci right? It’s the same idea here with the app stores. We simply provide them our game or app and then they sell them to you and take a profit and so they are the best place to get a refund first.

(b) Still not getting the refund? Not to worry! As we said we will do everything to help you with the refund process if you are not completely satisfied, so we will try and refund you via paypal, please email us directly at [email protected] and let us know the situation and we will be more than happy to assist you fully. We pride ourselves on service and are here to help you out. We are not like other app developers, our service is unique and all our games and apps are backed by our commitment to our end users like you! Rest assured we will get to the very bottom of this and take full responsibility for your satisfaction!