App Business Models

As you start developing apps you will definitely reach this point in your business where you have to decide what App Business Model you wish to choose.

Are you focused on End Users? (App Developer to MASS CONSUMERS – B2C)

Are you focused on Businesses? (App Developer to Business Owners (Considered a mix of B2B and B2C))

Are you focused on building apps for other App Developers? (App Developer to Other APP DEVELOPERS  РB2B)

Or Are you focused on building apps as an Employee? (App Developer via Job position – Employee)

NOTE: Depending on what you choose, you may have to agree to non-compete laws and regulations.  The most common way to get in is App Developer to MASS CONSUMER.  The other areas require more legal aspects and contracts in place such as NDAs or non-compete contracts.

Choosing the right business model will help you in the long run to make sure you have a successful future as the app landscape changes!


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