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Push Notification methodologies keep on changing. As more users are learning how to disable Push, it becomes a more challenging task to get users into the push notification environment nowadays. That is the second part of the challenge…the first part is that the amount of users who actually READ or even click on push notifications (Or even take action on them) is a very small percentage in general. Lets discuss that issue with a new idea I just recently learned about that I’d like to share with my readers!

How can I tell how many users are interested in my app via push notifications?

This exact same question lead me to scour through hundreds of apps to see what was the HOTTEST method, and this next one by far beat them all out in my opinion…It’s basically taking a marketing concept known as a squeeze page, along with the concept of unlocking a promotion based on a certain number of users (similar to many popular coupon sites) and mixing the two together!

ASSUMPTIONS: We assume you have a solid push notification user base or else this method won’t really work well.

Here’s how this method works:
1. First GROW your push notification user base

2. Create a WEBSITE (Squeeze Page) that tells users that if X number of people sign up, then the app will go free for a day or will go to a ridiculously low price (Ex. $4.99 -> $0.99) but only if X number of people sign up.

3. You then obtain users and emails to join your mailing list via the squeeze page and ALSO gain an insight as to how many users are really interested in the app discount.

4. If you get the amount of users you were looking for, you REDUCE THE PRICE for 1 day as per plan.

5. START DOING PUSH NOTIFICATIONS and having the notifications link to the squeeze page. Something along the lines of, “Want to get this app free? Click here to find out how!” (and then direct them to the squeeze page).

It’s a win win for everyone! You find out how interested users are in getting your app at a great price, and you also increase your mailing list AND users get a chance at getting your app at a special discount price.

If you wish you can also add a CONTEST component to your squeeze page and raffle off a $15 iTunes gift card as well to make it even more lucrative.

This method is a great way that should help you to increase the results of your push notifications! Add it as an option to your current push strategy!

ENJOY and God Bless!

Abhinav Gupta
Written by Abhinav Gupta
Abhinav Gupta is the Lead Developer and CEO of Game Scorpion Inc. He has been developing apps and games for several years and has a passion for creating new things. The apps he and his team have created have been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times across the world in various markets and platforms including Apple iOS, Android, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and even Blackberry RIM. He has written several pieces on the subject of mobile apps and mobile business and has even been seen discussing his apps, courses and training in several prestigious venues including one recently in 2012 at the Blackberry Dev Jam in Montreal, Canada.