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Abhinav Gupta
Position: CEO

Abhinav is a Computer Science graduate from Ryerson University in Ontario, Canada. He has over 10 years of programming and development experience and has been in the IT field for many years. He can be seen speaking at various venues worldwide on the topic of Mobile Apps and Mobile Gaming. As the writer of App Trillionaires: How To Become An App Developer, Abhinav’s years of expertise and skill in the Mobile space are sought after by many new entrants in the Mobile App Industry. His training programs such as App Trillionaires, App Roundtable, App Store Guru, and several other programs in collaboration with App Clover, have helped dozens of new students get started in the App Industry. Some of the past venues he has spoken at include Blackberry 10 Jam in Montreal, Mobile Gaming USA East in New York City, Mobile Gaming USA West in San Francisco and several other prestigious venues. Over the years, Abhinav has had his hand in building over 35+ apps in over 10+ markets including iOS, Google Play, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Blackberry and even Windows 8.

Seema Gupta
Position: Head of Marketing and PR

Seema’s role in the company is to help in keeping up with the latest market news and information about the app industry as well as managing the entire marketing and PR efforts of the company.


Amit Anand Niraj
Position: Head of International Strategy and Development

Amit is a Masters graduate in Computer Applications from Birla Institute (BIT, Mesra) in India which is one of the top universities in India for technology. Amit’s strength is in 3D development and applications. He has many years of coding and software experience and projects ranging from the latest web technologies to the latest in 3D modelling and animation. His skills have constantly been an invaluable asset at Game Scorpion Inc.


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