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As I’ve been scouring the web for the past years as an app developer, I’ve come across plenty of neat tools, tutorials and software that has helped me to increase my app creation speed.

Building apps takes a lot of time and planning, but along the way if there are some tools and tutorials that can help us speed up this process, then why not use them?

Here are just a few hidden gems that have helped me greatly in the past:

2D Game Art for Programmers –

All I can say is WOW! This website taught me step by step how to make some really cool graphics for some of our games.  I’ve been using it for several apps and have learned a lot from this website.  If you’re brand new to designing things then this is one place you can go to for learning how to create your own 2D graphics.

CG Textures –

Another great website dedicated to providing textures and art for all your games and apps.

Sound Snap –

We use this site a lot for our custom sounds and music whenever we need to save time.

Stack Overflow –

Programming or dev problems? This is the place for a lot of solutions!


So there you have it, just a few tools and hidden gems that will help you out in your app business.  Not to worry, over time I will share even more!

Enjoy and God Bless!

Abhinav Gupta
Written by Abhinav Gupta
Abhinav Gupta is the Lead Developer and CEO of Game Scorpion Inc. He has been developing apps and games for several years and has a passion for creating new things. The apps he and his team have created have been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times across the world in various markets and platforms including Apple iOS, Android, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and even Blackberry RIM. He has written several pieces on the subject of mobile apps and mobile business and has even been seen discussing his apps, courses and training in several prestigious venues including one recently in 2012 at the Blackberry Dev Jam in Montreal, Canada.