1. Where can I buy your games/apps?

Our games and apps can be purchased at the following locations:

Apple App Store
Google Play (Android Marketplace)
Amazon Appstore for Android
NOOK Bookstore™ on BN.com
Blackberry App World

Our apps and games are also available for Web OS and can also be found in various alternative Android markets.

2. Is there a free version of your apps/games?

We are constantly working on freemium and lite versions of our apps and games for many of the major markets. Sometimes however an app may not be available as a free/lite version. We do apologize for this, however it is your support in purchasing our full versions that keeps us creating more great apps and updates. To keep everyone happy however we are also always in the process of creating youtube videos and always upgrading our screenshots and icons to help give you a better taste of our apps before purchasing them. We want to make sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase and always look forward to giving our end users the best experience we can offer based on our expanding capabilities.

3. I would like to write a report or review about your app/game, may I get a Reporters copy of the app/game for reviewing purposes?

YES! We would love to welcome all those who have an app website that is dedicated to apps and app reviews to write an honest review on our app. Please email us at info@gamescorpion.com to be considered for a Reporters copy. 

4. An app made by Game Scorpion Inc. is not working on my device, what do I do?

Please first try to RESTART your device doing a full re-boot. Secondly if that does not work, try uninstalling and re-installing the app again with a fresh download. In many cases this tends to fix most of the issues.

If you continue to have challenges please do not hesitate to place a bug report by going here: REPORT BUG

5. I have a feature I would like to see in a future update of your app, how can I let you know about new features??

If you have an idea of a possible feature that you would like to be put into consideration for a future update of one of our apps, please go to our Feedback and Comments page located here: FEEDBACK AND COMMENTS