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Game graphics are always a challenge, but after doing this for some time, I highly recommend learning how to do vector graphics.  What is vector you might ask?  Vector graphics allow you to size your images and graphics to any size without loss of quality.  In a nutshell it means that I won’t see square pixels when I zoom in.

If you look in the video you will see what I mean by Vector graphics as I go over the creation of our character Beetoo, from our new upcoming game Adventures of Beetoo.

We use INKSCAPE to design the base character and if you looked at my earlier post you will see the really neat tutorials there for drawing characters like this using inkscape.  By the way, inkscape is a free program that you can download here:  I highly recommend learning how to use this tool as it will help you increase the quality of your games.

Ultimately if you want to outsource the graphics, that is fine as well, but learning how to do it yourself can save you some money in the long run.  At the beginning, most starting app developers have a very tight amount of funds.  As you grow however, outsourcing is always the way to go.

Take a look at the video and you’ll get to see why choosing vector graphics over other forms of graphics is so much more powerful.

Until next time, enjoy your app development!

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Abhinav Gupta
Written by Abhinav Gupta
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